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Sunday, October 16, 2011

"What I Know For Sure"

**Greetings** & Good Afternoon All!
I am dedicating today's post to my Dear Husband. He walked with me - step-by-step through my recent 'pink journey'.
I am ever so grateful & thankful.  I have created a card and presented it to him today.

What I know for sure… is that early detection saved my life. ... A routine physical exam in November, 2010 marked the beginning of my journey.  I felt I was in pretty good health, often ignoring minor physical symptoms (which proved later I should have seen a doctor earlier).  A lump was detected during a routine exam by a general practitioner.  She immediately provided me with orders for a diagnostic mammogram.  Within a few days, I received a positive diagnosis of breast cancer. I could barely concentrate on all of this new information, appointments, etc.; however, I knew I needed to follow the given treatment plans to the very letter!! 
Meeting with the cancer center staff was absolutely mind boggling. I had an overload of info followed by bone scans, ultrasounds and more. We knew of many diagnosed in the past, however, it’s really different when this disease invades your very own body.  My awesome husband, Ed & I learned as much as we could about this particular diagnosis.  The medical team reminded us repeatedly that it was an aggressive form & time was of the essence.  I created spreadsheets, prepared a binder for documentation - kept my family updated on all of the appointments using electronic calendars.  Within 10 months, I had surgery, chemotherapy, an additional surgery, followed by approximately 8 weeks of daily radiation.  

Never again, will I place my health on the back burner.  It is my goal to be informed and encourage others to have regular mammograms, know your body and seek medical attention when needed  I will not be shy about my journey and will offer my newly acquired knowledge to support others through uncertain times such as this.  

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  1. Another great post! It's always a positive when you have to go through a life changing event and have someone genuinely supportive in your corner. I have seen do many times how love ones abandon others because they are not strong enough to walk that path. It so like God to make you two stronger together; to walk this path together and come out stronger. Thank you for sharing such a sweet post. Please keep posting!

    Love you.