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Saturday, March 3, 2012

SmashBook Cover

Greetings & Happy Weekend to You!!
On the Scraps of Color website - there are always fun challenges and swaps going on.  A couple of months ago, Ms. Naudja posted an idea for each of us to begin a 'Smash' book which would include anything our hearts desire!  Some of the wording from Ms. Naudja (Smash It is all about the Smash Book. You can purchase one or decorate your own to start. Basically, what we'll be doing is Smashing & Sharing. You can decorate your page as much as you want or leave it as clean as you'd like. Your pages can be of anything or anyone. Just Have Fun)!

So, to date, I have placed several fun items within my book and here's a look at the cover.  More to come... Enjoy!

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