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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Greetings and Happy Saturday!
Hoping my post reaches everyone in the very best of health, along with the very highest of spirits!
I have been M.I.A... and haven't crafted in a minute.

After the loss of yet another of my best friends, I could barely concentrate on crafting (or anything else for that matter).  So, I decided I needed to change my focus.  I wanted to do something as far as self-improvement... to better equip myself with the tools I needed to improve my mind. I enrolled in school and was amazed when I successfully completed an Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management. This was an opportunity to challenge myself in more ways than one.  I would complain to family and friends about having 'chemo-brain' [it's real]; Many let me know it's just age, lol.  Well, the combination of both had me nearly unable to remember some names, thoughts and information.  So, the challenge went forth and after completing the above certificate with honors, I have enrolled into a degree program. I'll use my decades worth of life experiences to draw upon ... it has provided me with a strong foundation for potential academic success.

So, with crafting on hold... becoming a student helps me to maintain my focus during my challenges; It has caused me to truly appreciate every student and especially those who work full-time and attend school. This goal of mine is possible with the support of my husband, along with family and friends.

I took time last weekend - to make a couple of cards.  As soon as I graduate from this current degree program, I'll get back on the saddle of learning to craft and following all of these amazing blogs I normally follow. 

Thank you for stopping by!!  Continued Success to You!