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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Little Bit of Heaven... for my Sis...

One of my two sisters is so into silver! When I spotted these serving plates - I decided to pick one up to place this saying she asked for at least six months ago. I tried doing it on my Cricut and wasn't very successful (didn't know what I was doing).  A nice person in FB group shared the file today, so I felt I would try again.  A few years ago, my sister Kathy lost one of her very best friends who was actually just like her sister - her family is our family.  Her sister/friend, Connie says, whenever you see a butterfly, think of me. And whenever Connie called you on the phone, she'd say, 'It's me, Connie'.  Loooove her!!  So, this gift symbolizes all of this. 

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