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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Focusing on My Health & Wellness!!

I have been reminded to update my blog.  Have not done much in the crafting area lately, yet I continue to enjoy the beauty created by others. I took a backseat to crafts this year while I focused more on my health and wellness.  The next few posts will highlight what I’ve been up to.  Thank you for stopping by!
Focusing on My Health & Wellness!!
10/14/2014: Woke up this Morning thinking, I cannot believe I'm sitting here during Breast Cancer Awareness month, enjoying an awesome all-expense paid trip to Park City, Utah, compliments of the The ProForm Challenge 2014 (Icon Fitness). This amazing opportunity allows myself and 9 other amazingly, motivational women to inspire viewers to take better control of their own health, during live broadcasts on HSN (whenever ProForm is advertising their awesome fitness equipment). 

Many of you have received my texts, seen my status updates and photos regarding my at-home workout routines. You all know I don't get out much at all unless - I am out with my husband, my immediate family or in the South visiting my bonus children and grands. This at-home workout routine fits me perfectly!  Never thought this would get me here, in beautiful - breathtaking Utah!! It's an amazing chance to stick a pen in this portion, this stop on this crazy, roller coaster life of mine ~ as I travel through as graciously as I know how... while Creating My Own Pink Journey!!

Your journey may not be the same is mine... When my son Ricky was born in 1984, my precious Dad was losing his battle with cancer. His funeral was Christmas Eve and the holidays have never had much meaning for me since then. In 2001, Ricky took his own life at the age of 17 and my Mom passed away a few months after. Later on, we lost my precious nephew little Ethan, before he ever had a chance to leave the hospital. Even so... we've made it through. In 2010, we lost our oldest brother Winston, to a nasty form of brain cancer. At the end of the year, I was diagnosed with Stage 2, Grade III, Triple Negative breast cancer  - it was an aggressive form and everything was happening very fast. Early on in this process - I determined in my mind and with everything in me, I would do my best to fight. For one, because it was detected early and because I realized my brother wasn't given this opportunity. After receiving detailed information from my oncologist and surgeon, I did a little research about the two pending surgeries, chemo & radiation treatments. I begin talking to people in my life that I really trusted... family, close friends, my manager, two previous managers, special previous co-workers from Hines VAH and Bovis. The encouragement and motivation has been overwhelming! Along the way, I've met new survivors and new friends from Scraps Of Color (SOC).

I am so proud of my family & how we've used what Pastor Wiley calls, God's Bounce-Back Power, to remain focused and strengthened!

This journey has not been an easy road.  However, it's been manageable through Faith, Family & Friends. I got serious just a few days prior to turning 51 last year; Stepped up my exercise game and really started using my ProForm Hybrid Trainer/workout machine immediately after receiving it. I started enjoying the daily workouts. Seeing how my weight stopped fluctuating so much was encouraging. I actually started seeing a shape forming ;-). I have always wanted to eat healthier, stop the yo-yo dieting and become a vegetarian again, so I lucked up on this book by an awesome, down to earth nutritionist Ms. JJ Smith. “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse."  Hubby & I detoxed by using her method, followed posts and tips from a FB friend, Ms. Kristie of the Belly Fit Club & HSN. We gained better control of our eating habits. Between my workouts on my ProForm and the change in eating lifestyle, I'm unbelievably down to my high school weight and am feeling healthy!
I would like to encourage my friends and family to take better care of their overall health.  I needed each of them to push & pull me when I felt like I was falling and couldn't push through treatments; and in the event I fall off the wagon with my health and exercise routine - I plan to lean on my friends and family as always, to motivate and push me back to a healthy state.

During My Pink Journey, I really am learning how to stand strong (when I can), lean on others (when I can't) and really/truly, put up my dukes with all that I have, to Fight Like A Girl!!!  Have Great Day!